The Missing Link Teacher scheme

Curiosity and innovation: The Martial Arts community is full of both. To nurture this search for knowledge and skills is our most important goal in Missing Link. We are an international community of curious, open minded Karateka. We do not waste much time on politics, but focus on learning and teaching instead. And we are looking for teachers who share our philosophy.

Are you an experienced Karateka?

This is Missing Link Martial Arts:

  • We merge realism and tradition. A concept of learning and teaching that addresses the Missing Links between traditional martial arts and modern application.
  • Japanese Karate as the foundation, connecting it to its Chinese roots, making it more versatile and comprehensive. We offer the fusion of internal and external martial arts.
  • The Missing Link Online Dojo offers regular classes and a growing database of knowledge.
  • The community offers offline events, seminars, gradings and support.

If you are interested in finding out more and maybe take the chance to teach Missing Link, check this page:

Recent Posts

Collecting martial arts knowledge

The concept of Missing Link has a long history. On the one hand, in terms of traditional martial arts that all of our founder circle and master circle members have studied for many decades. On the other hand, in the way way our own community developed. In the 90s, we started the Hatsuun Jindo Akademie […]

Traditional Martial Arts in a Modern World

The topic isn't exactly new, and we have had a long KarateTalk about it some years ago, but it is a discussion that pops up again and again. What does all the traditional martial arts stuff even mean in our modern world? Shouldn't we drop the whole philosophy and "deep background" of martial arts - […]

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