Missing Link Martial Arts
Karate in East Kilbride

Discover martial arts now. 

There is no greater source of health and fitness than the ancient fighting arts. Born in conflict, deeply rooted in Asian philosophy, focused on a holistic lifestyle, they answer many questions of modern life. And they are also quite good if you want to learn how to pack a punch. Martial arts can make you feel better and be safer on many levels.

Do you want to be part of the journey?

Missing Link is a research community offering a unique concept of learning and teaching martial arts. Based on Japanese Karate, we connect its Chinese Roots and focus strongly on Modern Application. You are welcome, no matter what's your martial arts background, and you can always stay in your original association/style/art if you like. 

All the details:

The Village Centre
12 Maxwell Dr, East Kilbride
Glasgow G74 4HG

What do you need to bring?
Comfy gym clothes, no shoes, some water, good mood. If the latter isn't available, we provide it.

What does it cost?

First class is free, if you like it, £38 per month. That includes all classes, also the online lessons, and discounted private lessons if you want to train more. 

More classes?

Seminars, workshops, private lessons, online classes, Qi Gong, Workouts... and you can train in any Missing Link dojo on the planet.

Any hidden costs?

Yeah. If you want to grade or come regularly, you should have a yearly license that costs £20 and also includes insurance. Gradings and seminars cost a small extra amount..


A black shirt and ideally white pants. If you want, Karate trousers are cheap on Amazon, and at martialarts.scot/gear you find our official training shirt.

What Karate style?

Any! We follow the Missing Link concept, and that is very open. More info at www.missinglinkmartialarts.org

Martial Arts is for everyone.

There is no "right" age to start Karate - because martial arts should be working for you. Whatever your height, weight, age, gender... it does not matter.

If you want to know more, here are a few articles on the Missing Link Weblog that might give you an idea how important good training can be for you: Health & and martial arts, Self Defence and mental health, and the risk of debodification

If you wonder whether traditional martial arts are really the right thing for you or if you should rather have a look at modern self defence or competitive styles, this article might help out with some thoughts: Traditional martial arts in a modern world

But you don't need to read any of this. You can simply try it out - your first lesson is free!

Jukuren - "The Experienced": Missing Link is open for all ages. If you want to practice and learn holistic martial arts with people who share the same life experience with you, you are in the right place. And yes, if you younger than 30, you are very welcome, too. 

Want to know more? 

You are welcome in any of our trainings. 
You can also reach us on WhatsApp or via text on
07838 951745

or via eMail at

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