Knife Awareness

A look into our Knife awareness seminars in Manchester:


Because knife defense techniques are most of the time madness. A knife is a dangerous weapon, and it should not be brought to any conflict, ever.

There might be examples of successful defense against a knife, but none of them does not include serious injury. Bringing a knife to a conflict means escalating it to a matter of life and death.

Learning how to use a knife can be an athletic challenge or a necessity for military personnel. It is never an option in civil life to use it or even threaten with it.

This awareness, the knowledge about the risks and dangers, the possible injuries and the difficulties in defending from an armed offender are the topics in our seminar.

With fun. With laughter. With lots of sweat and some bruises. But with a very sincere and serious background.

We will not provide a feeling of false security or make promises nobody can keep. We want to support the idea of keeping knives off the streets. Violence prevention, not escalation, is the goal of these seminars.

The video gives a little Glimpse into the concept.

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