The ShoShin Projekt was founded in 2000 in Germany. 
It is now a part of the Missing Link Martial Arts Community.

ShoShin - the spirit of the beginner

The ShoShin Projekt brought together experts who retained the spirit of the beginner. With the aim of constantly expanding their own knowledge and passing it on to others. Evolution in the martial arts.

Professional and traditional martial arts

Professional in content and form - with the idea that the preservation and passing on of martial arts cannot just happen "as a side job".

Traditional in the search for the deeper background of martial arts in sport, self-defence and philosophy.

Training, courses, publications and the connection of experts form the path to this development.

Professional & traditional martial arts

It's a nice thought that a martial arts teacher works from the heart, not for the wallet. On the other hand, every martial art is multi-layered and complex and neither learning nor teaching it is easy if you really want to take it seriously.

The teacher in the dojo is a specialist. They train hard and intensely themselves - and they devote a lot of time to teaching. In many cases, they also deal with the administrative matters of the dojo, or is at least involved in them.

Because most teachers cannot make a living from martial arts training and therefore work full-time, there are two options for the dedicated trainer:

  • limit their own training - which curtails their development and lowers the quality -
  • or save time and energy elsewhere - which is at the expense of family and friends.

So maybe something you're really committed to should come from the heart and wallet in any case?

Experts and beginners

There are many experts in the martial arts - but only those who can still marvel and absorb new impulses with the eyes of a beginner can continue to develop.

The ShoShin Projekt connects teachers who have retained the spirit of the beginner and want to learn and teach.

Training, courses, publications and lively exchange: professional in content and form, because martial arts can't just happen "on the side". Traditional in the search for the deeper background of martial arts in sport, self-defence and philosophy.

Some  examples of the work of 
The ShoShin Projekt:

The 2005 brochure
An overview of ideas and offers.


Among the former members of the ShoShin Projekt are renowned martial arts teachers like:

Detlef Kröschel, former instructor of the bodyguards of the German Federal Police, known for his expertise in self-defense and martial arts training, as evidenced by his seminars and contributions to the Missing Link Martial Arts community123.

Dirk Peffekoven, a Wing Tsun teacher with multiple schools in Germany, who holds a 7th Master Grade in WingTsun and a 1st Teacher Grade in Escrima. He has been a trainer since 1992 and is recognized for his dedication to the development of WingTsun4.

Martin Nienhaus, a Karate teacher and expert for traditional Chinese medicine, who integrates the principles of Qi Gong and holistic health into his martial arts teachings13.

Siegbert Engel, a teacher for Qi Gong and Tai Ji Quan, who likely focuses on the balance and harmony of mind and body through these ancient Chinese practices.


Sascha Uvira, a Bujinkan Ninjutsu teacher with the title of Shihan and a 15th Dan ranking. 

Jürgen Höller, a Full Contact Karate teacher and well-known book author with a diverse background in martial arts, holding black belts in multiple disciplines including Ashihara Karate, Taekwondo, Jujitsu, Judo, and Combat Hapkido78.

Carsten Gilberg, a Karate teacher and physiotherapist, who has been involved in the Missing Link Martial Arts community, sharing his knowledge and contributing to the growth of the martial arts network910.

Heero Miketta, Founder Circle Member of the Missing Link Martial Arts Community, book author, and expert for violence prevention. He has over 35 years of martial arts experience and has founded numerous dojos, as well as worked for the German police and co-developed concepts for self-defense.

If you want to get in touch or have questions, getting touch is easiest via the Missing Link Community. 

Or leave a message via eMail. The old eMail address is still functional: