Meet our teachers


Tony Bolton


Sensei Tony Bolton is well known throughout Manchester – as a hard working martial artist always looking for new experiences and never stopping his own learning journey, as an ambitious teacher and last not least as a host for some of Manchester’s most loved comedy events. Today, he is the motor of Missing Link in Manchester. He also took on the challenge as Chief Instructor for England. 

Arto Laaksonen


Arto looks back on more than three decades of Karate and martial arts in general, starting as a young boy in Finland. Besides being a health and fitness fanatic, his special passion is Kobujutsu – the traditional Okinawan weapon art. He also took on the challenge as Chief Instructor for Finland.

Carl Taylor

Carl comes from an authentic Karate background and trained with many legends of classical martial arts. He found the Missing Link community in 2017 and has since added his decades of knowledge and experience to the instructor team. 

Heero Miketta

Heero is member of the Founder Circle of the Missing Link Community and brought the concept to Manchester. Before this, he travelled extensively and lived in Finland, China and Estonia. He has been practicing martial arts most of his life and wrote quite a few books during these 35+ years. Today, he lives in Scotland with his family, but visits Manchester regularly to teach, make plans and meet friends.

Chris Edwards

Chris covers all the bases of a good martial artist. As a nurse, he is an expert in healing. As a Karate practitioner, he can be quite intimidating. In the everyday business of the dojo, the gentle giant is well known for his love for detail and the ability to break down complex topics into understandable lessons. 

Missing Link Martial Arts UK
170 Park Lane, Whitefield
Manchester M45 7PX

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