Your gate to the world of martial arts: 

The Missing Link concept is always open for beginners – you will be welcomed and looked after by teachers and advanced students all the same. With the mix of face to face classes in the dojo and online offers, it is always possible to brush up on basics as well.

You are always welcome to join for some sweat, fun and bruises (don’t worry, not too much of the latter, but a lot of the first two).

Missing Link Martial Arts  connects tradition, modern applications and two of the biggest sources of Martial Arts: China and Japan. It unlocks the actual fighting content within the art and the philosophy behind it. We care deeply for Modern Application: Urban self defense, health and fitness, inner balance and well-being. Our classes are for new starters, and if you are an experienced martial artist, Missing Link might be the next big step in your personal development.

Start Karate now with Sensei Tony Bolton and your dedicated Beginner's Induction every Saturday at 1.30pm at the Angel Centre, close to Spinning Fields.


Or join Sensei Arto and Sensei Carl on Wednesday evening at 7pm in the very centre of Manchester at Central Hall, Oldham Street, right next to Piccadilly Gardens.  


A whole month of training for just £19.99, giving you a great chance to discover what martial arts can do for you. You can train at The Angel Centre every Saturday at 1.30pm in a dedicated Induction Class. But all other classes of Manchester Karate are open for you as well, so you can meet all of the instructors of Manchester Karate, in Manchester City Centre, Harpurhey, Salford and even those in our Online Classes. 

Find all the times and locations on the website: 


Missing Link Martial Arts UK
170 Park Lane, Whitefield
Manchester M45 7PX

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