Give your children the gift of a lifetime:
Sports. Skills. Social learning. Conflict competence.

Martial Arts is good for children, especially in a time when physical experiences are getting rarer: The modern world puts as all at a serious risk of debodification. (further reading: Finding the Missing Links of body and mind.)

You don't have to read through articles, though, because you and your children can experience the high level of mindfulness that comes with martial arts training with Missing Link Martial Arts. Combat sports address matters of conflict, anger and communication like hardly any other form of physical education.  

Our classes in Manchester start from 5 years of age for the Bonsai Kids. If your kids are younger, we suggest giving it a try before making any decision.  The older children switch to the Junior Dragons before they can join the adult classes. 

Our Saturday Kids Classes happen at The Angel Centre, 1 St Philip’s Pl, Salford M3 6FA. There is ample parking around.

Find additional classes in our schedule here, where you can also find the sign up forms for memberships. All memberships are rolling and can be cancelled at any time.


Why choose Missing Link Martial Arts 
for your kids?

Coming from Germany to the UK, Bonsai Martial Arts is a proven system of teaching basic martial arts to young children: Health and fitness, social skills, conflict competence, teamwork, empathy and assertiveness, discipline and the ability to cope with difficulties and challenges. The book became a martial arts best seller in Germany and is is available in English here.

What is Missing Link Martial Arts?

Our lessons are based on Missing Link, a modern style connecting Japanese Karate to its Chinese roots. We are not fussing about with competition, we open the world of martial arts to your kids at a fair price and with a clear outlook to grow more into it as they grow older themselves. Read more about The Missing Link Concept.

The first lesson is always free. 

Your children and (just as important) you as a parent or carer should have a chance to see if you like our training. Afterwards, the training costs £24.50 per month.  The contract is rolling, because we know that kids sometimes change their mind. You can sign up here.

Hidden costs?

Yes! You might want to get a Missing Link t-shirt and some white Karate pants. Occasionally, there are seminars and gradings, which means you have to buy a new belt (but we don't charge huge amounts for the gradings itself. Seminars are usually around £10). On top of all that, you will need a yearly license and insurance for £20 per year. And that's it. 

When and where?

​Find the full schedule here. Currently we offer classes in Manchester City Centre, Salford and Harpurhey. Our schedule is constantly growing. 

More questions? 

Of course there is much more to ask. How fast do I get my black belt? How do gradings work? When will I be invincible? Can parents watch? Who are the teachers? Are they PVG checked? What is their education? 
Whatever you need to know, you can always ask via eMail at, via WhatsApp at 07539946777 or in training. 

Who are the teachers?

Main teacher in our Bonsai and Junior Dragon Classes is Sensei Tony Bolton, who also cares for our After School Clubs. Tony is Chief Instructor England and member of the Missing Link Master Circle. He is well known throughout Manchester not just as the host of one of the most famous Comedy Nights, but also for his absolute dedication to the martial arts - his practice includes Karate, BJJ, kickboxing, boxing, Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Kobudo. The other members of the Manchester Karate team are not less experienced: Sensei Arto and Sensei Carl have decades of experience and training. Sensei Arto, who lives in Manchester, is also Chief Instructor for Finland. 

Discover martial arts now. 

There is no greater source of health and fitness than the ancient fighting arts. Born in conflict, deeply rooted in Asian philosophy, focused on a holistic lifestyle, they answer many questions of modern life. And they are also quite good if you want to learn how to pack a punch. Martial arts can make you feel better and be safer on many levels.

Do you want to be part of the journey?

Missing Link is a research community offering a unique concept of learning and teaching martial arts. Based on Japanese Karate, we connect its Chinese Roots and focus strongly on Modern Application. You are welcome, no matter what's your martial arts background, and you can always stay in your original association/style/art if you like. 

Want to know more? 

You are welcome in any of our trainings. 
You can also reach us on WhatsApp or via text on
0753 99 46 777

or via eMail at

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Missing Link Martial Arts UK
170 Park Lane, Whitefield
Manchester M45 7PX

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